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TV Classics - The Wire

Graeme Queen

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Graeme Queen, a senior director of IT solution delivery with an insurance company in Portland, Oregon, avidly watches serial drama television. One of Graeme Queen's favorite television programs is The Wire, a detailed look at the dysfunctions in American political and social system primarily through the lens of the Baltimore Police Department.

Based loosely on writer David Simon's experiences as a journalist covering wiretap-related arrests during his time at the Baltimore Sun, The Wire looks at the police, drug dealers, and the people both of these groups serve, with a critical eye. The show has been lauded for its attention to detail, with writers and actors going as far as as to observe local law enforcement officials at work. The show eventually moved beyond its police focus, with seasons focusing on labor unions, schools, and government organizations.

While ratings were low during the show's five-season run, The Wire's post-television life led it to become a cultural phenomenon, with many actors going on to have successful careers.